Agile Leadership: How to Drive a We Culture in Hybrid Teams
Trish Borzon
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Presented by: Luciana Paulise, Biztorming Training & Consulting, LLC

Area of Focus: Masters and Session Level: Basic

In the age of continuous evolution, especially after Covid-19, leaders need to learn new skills. Becoming more agile to work with hybrid teams and deal with an immediate crisis is critical. Before the pandemic, most leaders were expected to be in charge. Suddenly, the shift to a remote workforce and a more volatile environment posed tremendous challenges for them. Command and control practices that promote a “me” culture are no longer as effective. Only a "We" culture can help leaders and team members become agile to thrive in a changing environment. Through changing certain patterns and behaviors at work, leaders will find new ways to care for their people while improving engagement, innovation and quality. With practical examples from real companies, attendees will learn simple tips today to apply at work on Monday. This presentation will describe the challenges in hybrid workplaces, introduce four CARE practices that will help leaders facilitate success and showcase new tools to improve online collaboration.