Pivoting Digitally While Realizing The Gains Of Continuous Improvement
Trish Borzon
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Presented by: Therese Costich, The Costich Group

Area of Focus: Masters and Session Level: Basic

Disruption impacts every industry globally. In today's world of digital disruption, it is not enough for organizations to merely be ‘up-to-date’, they need to be ahead of the curve and embrace the future before it even comes. Forward thinking, risk-taking, staying on the offense of decision making, and being resilient to always think bigger of what is possible will be the organizations who are leaders in their global industries. How an organization manages the ever-changing world of digital evolution while providing the highest quality services and products through continuous improvement will ultimately shape and determine its future. This session will review the necessary components of people, process, and technology, and how their interactions create greater efficiencies and are critical to an organization’s future. We will learn how to incorporate them into strategic and tactical plans while being fluent with continuous improvement. In this session we will review what several globally iconic organizations, such as Best Buy, Cedars-Sinai Healthcare, a Canadian financial services institute experienced during their digital transformation and how they overcame the challenges while maintaining focus on continuous improvement and being leaders in their industries.