Excellence Achieved: Getting Leadership, Quality Professionals, and Workforce on the Same Page
Trish Borzon
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Presented by: Mike Adams, Mike Adams & Company, LLC

Area of Focus: Masters and Session Level: Intermediate

Excellence can be achieved. Simply put, leading a quality managed organization or quality-centered culture resulting in high performance or operational excellence can only be achieved and sustained when leadership, quality practitioners, and the workforce at-large are on the same page, well aligned, valued, and fully utilized. This is not always the case. While easy to appreciate, it is more difficult to drive the necessary evolving changes to accomplish this. Grounded in the principles of quality gurus Juran, Deming, and Ishikawa that are as relevant today as they have been for decades, this session lists the tops conditions of getting on the same page and provides specific issues, correcting and supporting actions from real corporate examples. Top theme areas and actions to cover include: 1) Communication must-do's; 2) Role and organizational changes to adjust for Industry 4.0; 3) Big data, data issues, and emerging challenges of beliefs versus facts; 4) Inclusive participative and engagement management; and 5) Performance and compensation management. This session is a frank, no nonsense, candid, fun sharing of real examples both from a quality professional's perspective and the executive C-suite perspective from large corporations.