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Looking for courses or certifications that show I am capable of Auditing internally within my organization and possibly training others in my organization. I am a member and just now utilizing this site other than for research purposes. Any suggestions will be appreciated! Kevin

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Janet Lentz
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ASQE can help you there. Also keep an eye out for free webinars posted here on the myASQ platform.

Ruth Ola
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@Kevin Ensign I am an ASQConnEX expert and I do teach auditing for improvement course with ASQE Ruth Ola | ASQ
Please send me a message to discuss how I can be of help.

Hello, Kevin, I'm Operations & Accounts Manager with JP Russell Learning Center. We have online classes in auditing. Our classes are approved and provided by ASQ. One of our most popular classes is Internal Auditing Basics. If you're interested for yourself and/or others, the class can be found in the online classes area of the ASQ website. If you need more specific information, please let me know. Murray Gonzalez

@Kevin Ensign Thanks everyone for providing some direction for the CQA cert. Just trying to read up and figure out what it will take before I register for test. I did some research last night and found a few companies that provide some training. Currently looking at what materials i need just to bring me up to address if I need a 3rd party instructor or if this is something I can prepare on my own.