Culture is everything
Trish Borzon
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Culture is Everything

Culture IS Everything. As organizational leaders and managers, we can successfully apply all of the Lean Six Sigma principles, quality ideas, and best practices we know and still fail because we have done so within a company culture utterly hostile to such endeavors. In this book, Jeff Veyera shows you how to diagnose your company’s culture in terms of its suitability for your preferred quality improvement approach and then offers guidance on how to either tailor your approach to that culture or change the culture to better suit your approach. If you’ve ever executed a brilliant initiative only to see it chewed up in the prevailing culture of your company, this book is your protection against such soul-crushing setbacks in the future.

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Amanda Foster
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I read this last year as part of a book discussion group and thoroughly enjoyed it. As part of this discussion we were able to ask the author questions. I was able to take stock of my then current position after some advice I received from the author and am now 10 months into a position with a company whose culture I am much more in harmony with. I guess you could say that this book helped change my life. Thanks Jeffrey Veyera‍!
That is wonderful news, Amanda—-so glad to hear you’re in a place which plays to your strengths and values your contributions! The Team and Workplace Excellence Forum is collecting similar war stories from across ASQ—-please consider sharing by checking out the link below:
Amanda Foster
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I will try to get my story to you this week. Thanks for the invite.
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