International Team Excellence Award (ITEA) Awards Ceremony and Announcement
Trish Borzon
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ASQE welcomes back the finalist teams who were to originally compete in 2020, but were delayed due to the pandemic, in addition to new teams that applied through the open ITEA cycle in Q3 2020. These global teams represent various industries, companies and cultures, and focus on presenting their projects that demonstrate best practices in quality methodologies and initiatives. At WCQI 2021, the ITEA Award Ceremony will honor the teams who are award recipients, in addition to the ASQ volunteers that serve as judges in the program. In addition, ASQE has exciting announcements to make in regards to the evolution of the ITEA program.

Attend the ITEA Ceremony at WCQI on Friday, May 28th at 9 AM CT

Learn more about ITEA at

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Amanda Foster
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So many wonderful things to say about ITEA. I can't wait to see the awards ceremony on Friday. At in-person WCQI the awards ceremony is my absolute favorite event. It's so exciting!
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