Don't miss Maximizing Your ASQ Membership - Tuesday at 1:00 pm CT
Trish Borzon
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Don't miss “Maximizing Your ASQ Membership” on Tuesday, May 26th at 1:00 pm CT presented by Chief Member Services Officer, Kristen Spriggs and Chief Solutions Officer at Azurion Consulting, Karen Maskell. Learn more about your benefits and what's coming next!

We'd love to hear from you –
  • How did you first get involved with ASQ?
  • What are two of the most valuable resources you found as a new member of the Society?
  • What about today?
Checkout the slides at WCQI2021_MembershipSession_V120210421.pptx

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Thank you for attaching the presentation. Two additional benefits that should be mentioned are summarized below:

1. Additional benefits from upgrading from Professional to Senior Member and Fellow Member.
2. Compounded cost savings of synchronizing renewals of multiple ASQ certifications.

Between these two benefits, when the member value is tabulated and averaged on an annual basis, ASQ dues can be more easily recovered and returned.
In the case of Senior of Fellow members who regularly renew 3 or more of ASQ's certifications, they are literally being paid by ASQ to retain their membership within the Society.
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