L04 - Building Excellence into the DNA of your Organization - Friday 10:00 am CDT
Trish Borzon
1472 Posts
Friday, May 28th at 10:00 am CDT
Many organizations seek Excellence and embark on an excellence journey through the implementation of various models and initiatives; however, Culture Excellence remains a key differentiator in the success of these models. This presentation will address how using the right assessment tool to measure and improve the Culture in an organization can lead to the necessary changes in people’s habits & behavior and in internal systems to build and sustain Culture Excellence. Proven assessment results and tested initiatives and solutions will be shared through various practical examples. These can be applied by any quality professional, in any organization, seeking to continuously improve current behavior and systems, benchmark its performance and incite its employees to step outside the comfort zone in the working environment. Attendees will observe as well how leadership, communication and organizational learning are cornerstones in designing, building and sustaining Culture Excellence.
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