D05 - Assess and Improve your Healthcare QMS with these Tools
Trish Borzon
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A Hospital-based Healthcare Quality Management System (QMS) provides the CEO and CMO a model to improve: Patient Outcomes, Safety, and Satisfaction, Cost Savings, Risk Management, and Regulatory Compliance. Healthcare Quality Strategies envision person-centered healthcare, are sustainable and rely on transparency of quality and cost information. For providers to achieve these results, there must be a system that enables and maintains operational and structural changes. In healthcare, a QMS describes the process for improving patient outcomes across key components of care while improving operating performance through continuous quality improvement. This session offers a systemic structure focused on the patient, supported by Components of Care Delivery and Quality System Elements. Fully integrated, this structure enables hospitals to meet both quality and value-based goals. The QMS, an assessment tool, and tools to implement the system elements will be covered. ***Sponsored by the Healthcare Division***
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