D64 - From Manual Gages to Robotic Calipers: Who, Why and How
Trish Borzon
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Celebrating the theme of “Quality: Past, Present and Future,” we explore the evolution of small-part measurement from manual gages and tools, to “smart” gages, and now collaborative robots with digital calipers, grippers for part handling, and automatic electronic data capture. We discuss: WHO can benefit from these innovations. What industries and types of manufacturing are best suited to automation of contact measurement inspection? WHY quality teams should consider robotic systems. We use case studies to illustrate the benefits including higher throughput, productivity and quality. HOW to get started. We discuss what parts are good candidates for robotic measurement, how to calculate gage R&R, how to qualify tool capability for a robotic caliper system, and what new skillsets are required to deploy and program collaborative robots for automated small-part measurement. Attendees from quality teams in high-mix, small-batch manufacturing environments will learn how they can deploy collaborative robots to achieve a new competitive advantage in the race to maintain high quality and reduce costs.