D40 - Lean Six Sigma Deployment for the Digital Age
Trish Borzon
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The challenge for deploying Lean Six Sigma efficiently and effectively has never been greater given the arrival of “Industry 4.0” and technology advancements in Machine Learning and AI, Robotics, and Smart Devices. The language and way of Continuous Improvement is ever changing and constantly challenged. It is not just the technology, but how employees are harnessing and optimizing it that changes cultural norms and makes traditional Lean Six Sigma programs look slow, self-interested, costly, and possibly obsolete. This presentation will offer an optimistic view of Lean Six Sigma working to advance Industry 4.0. It will identify deployment opportunities, new cultural dynamics, and suggest new ways to boost employee engagement and customer value in fast-paced tech focused environments. This is for anyone from early practitioners to executive champions working to crack the code on Continuous Improvement at their business.