D53 - Rattling Your Data Science Value Chain
Trish Borzon
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Value chains have been evaluated for decades. In this era of digital transformation, understanding the Data Science Value Chain is critical, but seldom examined as a stand-alone system. As such, digital transformation encompasses many activities in the 4.0 culture. Quality professionals need awareness of the data science value chain and where they fit in its constructs. This presentation will highlight the misguided management philosophy that “everything data belongs to IT” with a look at an analytics maturity model to assist management in seeing beyond IT as a sole resource. Quality professionals are data analysts, especially as related to processes and products. An emphasis will be placed on the opportunities for quality professionals to expand their organizational value by learning about areas along the value chain. A collaborative of individuals from various parts of the organization is proposed to make the data scientist available to more of the organization. It shows quality professionals which tools that they may already possess or can learn to augment the data scientist. This increases their value to the organization and boosts career opportunities.