D07 - Best in Class Strategies for Suppliers Partnership
Trish Borzon
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Examples of disasters that occurred during the past two decades, their magnitude, and disruption severity and impact on supply chain will be shared in this presentation. These include an earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Hurricane Maria and Harvey, the Takata air bag failure, and Boeing’s delayed production of Dreamliner. These disasters caused enormous disruptions to air travel, food supply, utilities, power supply and material shortages. Thousands lost their lives, homes, jobs, and other essentials as a result. Despite the expected lessons learned from these disruptions, companies and local and federal governments sadly remain largely unprepared for the COVID-19 pandemic and specifically in their ability to effectively navigate and overcome supply chain challenges. This has directly resulted in lack of personal protective equipment, tests, and other critical items. I will show strategies to enhance suppliers’ partnerships and mitigate risks which will reduce the impact of disaster.