D14 - CMMC for Dummies: Understanding the new DoD Requirements
Trish Borzon
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CMMC is the new US DoD certification program to be required by more than 300,000 suppliers in the DoD supply chain by 2025; in fact early indications are that it will expand beyond DoD suppliers into other Federal and Civilian Agencies. While CMMC is focused on cybersecurity, there is much that a quality professional can learn about in order to help their organizations prepare for this coming requirement. This presentation is geared towards the non-IT professional, with the objective to detail important aspects of the program that any supplier needs to understand (e.g. timeline, maturity levels, expectations, certification process). An additional review of the controls that make up CMMC ML1 will be conducted using non-technical language to make it accessible to any attendee (ML1 is where the large majority of organizations will fall into). Come prepared to ask questions and walk away with an understanding of the CMMC program, the ML1 requirements and a roadmap of how to help get your organization compliant and certified.