D23 - Establishing a Culture of Risk-Based Thinking
Trish Borzon
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The presentation speaks to two important aspect of risk based management principles. One with respect to the employees on how to develop a risk based culture among employees and various ingredients a risk based culture is associated with. Secondly how an organization balances its supply chain relations through a risk based management system. The presentation also speaks about how a risk based thinking culture results in Innovation not only to add something new but also revive its existing methods with new way of looking at it that brings freshness to the employees of organization and also to its customers. Presentation also focuses on how a risk based thinking process now become necessity for any organization to grow and sustain the development and also not to become static. The presentation highlights the important ingredients for establishing a balanced approach with supply chain while using the tools of Quality Risk Management and also speaks to what extent Quality Risk Management can be taken while ensuring the uninterrupted supplies through unbroken supply chain