D29 - Good Quality Supply Chain Data Saves Lives
Trish Borzon
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Lives matter. With the supply chain efficiency growth exponentially during the third Industrial Revolution, Arrow Electronics has reached the biggest distributor in the electronic component distribution segment via robust supply chain solutions. However, supply chain disruption becomes the new normal, especially during COVID-19 global epidemic outbreak, transformation to fit this disruptive environment is needed. Our hackathon team with members coming from both sides of the Pacific Ocean had figured out a low cost but good quality supply chain solution that can save more lives. During our team’s big data analysis on the problem given, we have come to an interim conclusion that information is not enough to run the model. As the quality professional in this team, I have shared real examples of how valuable data was lost. At the end of this hackathon, we had reached an improvement suggestion on using online crisis reporting system plus a cloud base big data to automate a business continuity model. After we tested 2 cases using the new model, the team concluded that we could save more lives with this improvement suggested.