D41 - Lean: Bringing together Product Design and Manufacturing
Trish Borzon
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Continuous Lean is a concept that brings together Product Development teams with the High Volume Manufacturing and Supply Chain teams under Lean Principles. Systematically set up a team to evaluate each new thing coming to specifically look for optimizations that could be learned from messiness of previous generations. Continuous Lean deploys our knowledge to seek opportunities outside the traditional "factory box", and looks upstream at product concept and design as well as downstream to supply chain and customer. Applying Continuous Lean forces a look at the overall system and invites product design changes, supply chain changes and packaging changes for the benefit of the whole. The "continuous" nature of the concept also applies to looking at all changes that may be subtle, which include factory process, metrics that have become stale, volume changes or shifts, customer features or preferences. Lean concepts become the first option when thinking about new supply chain, manufacturing or product opportunities. While Continuous Improvement efforts are powerful, it typically connotes small incremental changes that over time add up to significant competitive advantages. By applying Lean 360 degrees in the innovation process It helps broaden the range of ideas to include product changes for the benefit of factory and supply chain flow.