D44 - Minimizing Risks during New Product Launches
Trish Borzon
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The engineering technical reviews can anticipate potential failure modes during the design stages, allowing its elimination or mitigation before product launch. The reliability of modern products has increased so much that simply depending on lab testing to demonstrate reliability targets are met is very difficult, it is time and resource consuming. On the top of that, time to market constraints also impose limitations to the testing feasibility. The alternative is to go deep in the engineering technical reviews, in order to anticipate all potential failure modes linked to the product design changes, process changes and suppliers’ base change. Once identified, the potential failure modes can be prevented and tests that are more specific and evaluations can be planned to demonstrate that the potential failure modes were properly eliminated or mitigated. In this way, the test plan and resources allocation can be optimized. Time to market can be shortened and reliability targets achieved. This can be achieved by a cross-functional teamwork and a comprehensive engineering system, embracing the whole development cycle until the product launch in the market. This presentation will show an experience where such development system was introduced with formal procedures, methods and tools to guide, facilitate and document engineering technical reviews. The results achieved in cost of failure savings, by avoiding design related quality problems, will be also shown.