D51 - Quality Risk Management.: Automating Supply Chain Contracts
Trish Borzon
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This presentation describes a proven Quality Risk Management portfolio encompassing multiple projects pertaining to the automated extraction of relevant prices, discounts, and legal terms and conditions from vendor contracts; applying those pricing and terms and conditions information toward quotations and purchase transactions, and reconciling deliveries and payables with those contract terms. The scope was a global enterprise-wide approach for technology procurement, and the solutions integrated process improvement, document revision, integration across multiple functional areas, and the application of automation and artificial intelligence for improved speed and accuracy. The functional areas represented within this portfolio included Legal, Technology, Procurement, Receiving, and Accounting. Process improvements achieved 75% reduction in required schedule time for contract administration , 30% reduction in purchase overpayments (relative to negotiated rates, terms, and conditions). and a 45% average reduction in reconciliation durations. ***Sponsored by the Service Division****
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Thank you Trish Borzon‍ for setting up this discussion group.

I have attached the presentation so that viewers can have the learning objectives and content in advance as they follow along.

JS_Rev_WCQI_QRM_AutoSupplyChain (22-MAR-2021) v1.pdf

This content is reflective of the influence of several thought leaders with whom I have had the opportunity and delight to collaborate. I hope you will attend their sessions and read their publications

QRM: Jayet Moon
Lean: David Harry‍ ; Manuel Veloso
Six Sigma: Roderick Munro‍ ; Govindarajan Ramu
Quality 4.0: Gregory Watson‍ ; Zubair Anwar Khurshid
Quality Management: Grace Duffy‍ ; Jd Marhevko‍ ; Peggy Milz‍ ; Jerry Rice‍ ; Eileen Serrano‍ ; Denis Devos‍ ; Sandra Furterer‍ ; Denis Leonard‍ ; Douglas Wood‍ ; Susan Gorveatte
Advanced Quality Topics: Elizabeth Cudney‍ ; Jamison Kovach‍ ; Kristin Case
myASQ: Luigi Sille‍ ; Amanda Foster
Software: Nancy Pasquan‍ ; Hadassah Mativetsky
TCC/GCC: John Baranzelli‍ ; James Shore‍ ; John Breckline‍ ; Michael Kirchner‍ ; Daniel Castle‍ ; Sumith Kahanda‍ ; Gary Gehring
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Thanks for the shout-out Daniel Zrymiak‍!
Daniel Zrymiak‍ Thanks for the inclusion on such a distinguished list! I'm humbled to be in such company.
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Wow, thank you Dan. Again for me it’s an honor to not only collaborate with you professionally, but to have you as a friend.

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Just finished watching your session Daniel Zrymiak‍. Excellent work and thanks for the mention!
Hi Jayet Moon‍ thank you. I am just about to get on to your session for Meet The Author.