D13 - Changing the Blame Game: Getting to the Root of Human Error
Trish Borzon
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Is Continuous Improvement a production system or management system in your organization? Many organizations offer training to define the vision for a Continuous Improvement culture, but don’t build the necessary infrastructure to feed and grow that vision. PMOs and Operational Excellence teams are not sufficient. Leaders have to create the expectation that each employee is responsible for uncovering problems and contributing to solving them. It has to be “safe” to look for operational vulnerabilities and talk about problems. Join this session for a discussion about how to analyze and categorize the types of human error in order to identify the deeper root causes. Attendees will leave with a call to action to elevate Root Cause Analysis from a tool to a management system that nurtures a Lean culture of problem solving.
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The presentation was very good. How do I get a PDF copy of the presentation?
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