What woman leader has inspired you?
Trish Borzon
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I will forever look back at my former boss, Jen Czajka, as someone who has inspired me.  As a leader, she was always uplifting, helping me to rise to occasion, challenging me with projects, and trusting my judgement.  Who inspired you?
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Yes, Jen was awesome.  I am glad to hear she inspired you.  My first boss at AQP, Cathy Kramer inspired me.  I had been in the country just 10 months and she took a chance on me and gave me the job as a receptionist and also my current job of managing the Team Excellence Award.  I will forever be grateful.
There are a few special women who inspired me. I wish to be able to answer oral questions as technically-politically as Margaret Thatcher did (over 7498 questions replied in 698 Question times). I wish to have intensity in vocal expression like Whitney Houston saying "I will always love you". I wish to learn humanity from Mother Teresa, and some other examples.
But it's not shame to say no woman was my career leader. I've never seen enough courage in a woman to consider her as my own leader.
I truly believe behind a great man there is always a great woman and behind a great woman there is always a great man and it's not necessary their relation be a wife-husband.