Thank you for 7 reminders for each Certification, can ASQ bundle these into one message?
Thank you for sending the automatic reminders of my upcoming renewal.  I appreciate the consideration and will take steps to prepare my application.

For those of us with multiple renewable ASQ certifications, would it be possible to bundle these details into a single communication.  I intend to synchronize all of these into my recertification application, so it makes the interactions more user-friendly.

For those who do not use the ASQ member benefit of synchronized renewals, I recommend this for its cost savings and ease of use.  This is also one of the legacy benefits from ASQC which I hope will be retained.  Because of synchronization, I can't afford NOT to be an ASQ member.  Just to compare the math, if a member is a Senior or Fellow and has 3 or more renewable certifications, the combined benefits of synchronized renewals and a free journal are less expensive than if a non-member renews their 3 certifications and subscribes at non-member rates.
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Amanda Foster
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That makes sense!