I was wondering if Udemy courses or LinkedIn trainings/courses can be counted as RUs for re-certification.



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ASQ recognizes courses that provide CEUs. The recertification journal provides very limited information on what qualifies as a CEU. Generally, eight hours of study equals one CEU. I suggest that you document the courses you take on this basis in your journal. Include a copy of any certificate you receive for taking the course.
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Slight correction: There is a difference between CEUs and RUs, the latter being what you have to have to get recertified. The advantage of taking a course that gives CEUs is that it is a direct conversion from #CEUs to #RUs. If the course does not offer CEUs then you must take into account the number of hours of the course and figure the RUs from that.

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1.0 CEU = 1.0 RU, but if CEUs are not provided, 1 hour = 0.1 RU, i.e. it takes 10 hours to equal 1 RU.