International (Australian) courses for RU credits

I am located in Fremantle, Western Australia and in the past have used the Conferences to get most of the way to achieving my credits for recertification as CMQ/OE. Due to the pandemic I have been unable to attend these events. How is the best way to gain RU credits when I cannot attend the conferences or ‘Live’ webinar events due to being GMT+8 (AWST) which is generally 12 hours out from the East coast of the continental USA? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

James Maynard

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Trish Borzon
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Hi @James Maynard - many of the Technical Communities record and may post past events on Youtube or on their myASQ community

Not sure exactly what you're looking for, but here are a few examples - hope this helps!

Statistics Division

Quality Management Division - click on events (you'll see past events on the right)

What evidence would I need to keep to claim the RUs against my recertification for the training effort?

Trish Borzon
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Take a screenshot of the opening screen (title included) would work and you can enter the date viewed in the journal. (be sure to note the length as well)