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Hi I am CSBB and I have soon my recertification process but I have doubts with the timelines. This is becauase as you can see below I was certified back on 07-14-2018, so the 3 years should be completed on 07-14-2021 and I should have 6 months after that to send my recertification papers meaning near Dec-2021.

But the note in the image below is saying that my recert is due 12-31-2021 with an * and this is saying that I should have 6 months after that to provide my Recert... so that means 06-30-2022? So I want to be sure what is my correct date. Hope you know :).


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Trish Borzon
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Hi Jaciel Ruiz Jiménez‍ - Thanks for your question. I'll try to explain :)
1. You have until 12/31/2021 to gather all your RU's to fulfill your recertification
2. You have until 6/30/2022 to submit those RU's to ASQ through your recertification journal
3. if you do not submit the Ru's required, the certification will expire 12/31/2022.
Hope this clarifies the process.
Let me know if you have any question
Great is quite clear for me now. My mistake was that I was taking literally the date I was certified for the 3 years period, and at the end is a little bit more.

Thanks for your quick response!

Best regards.