Can I use PMP training hours for ASQ RUs
I have couple of questions. Appreciate your inputs and guidance.

Can I use 30+ hours of training I received for PMP certification for earning RUs for recertification of CSQE. If yes, can I use it under professional development activity type or student? I went through FAQs, but not clear about this.
Also, due to current circumstances my manager may not be in a position to provide employment reference letter in a letter head. What are the alternatives to use current employment for earning RUs? Can I submit pay slips by covering key information?

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Trish Borzon
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Hi Raghavendra C M‍ - I checked with the team - here's their reply

Typically if the training is in the form of a course that would go in the courses – student section. If they wouldn’t classify the training as a course or class for any reason they could use Professional Development at 0.1 RU per hour.

For the employment documentation question we would accept a W2 or other similar documentation with any sensitive information redacted or a letter from their HR dept.
Hi Trish,

Thanks for the response.

After submission for recert, if its decided that a certain claim should be under some other category, will it be changed by ASQ and approved. Hope, recert submission is not rejected. If you could confirm, it would be great.

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Raghavendra C M