Recertification Status of Maria de Lourdes Rivera Rosado
Please Advice the status of CQA Certification Number 41117.  I send all documents  required for recertification on 6/30/2019.  I have called to follow-up my recertification and for the first time this week they ask me to send a note to ASQ and request IT to investigate the documents I submitted on 6/30/2019.

Maria de Lourdes Rivera-Rosado
Calle 27 2T14
Mirador Bairoa
Caguas, Puerto Rico  00727
(787) 402-0751
Customer ID - 6323692
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Trish Borzon
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Maria Rivera-Rosado‍  - Let me see wht I can find out.  
Maria, try sending a note with this information and your question to

Michael Kirchner
Trish Borzon
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Hi Maria Rivera-Rosado‍ - please contact our cert team at  I don't see an order for recert, but don't worry, they'll work with you to get you recertified.