Hi! It is my first time recertifying and I needed some help.  For Multimedia activities, can it be any multimedia source that can be job enhancing? For instance, if I am required to complete company related elearning training to help in my role, will this count?
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Trish Borzon
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hi Hera Jetpuri‍  - I checked with our Cert team & here's their reply 
Yes, that would qualify. If it is more formal e-learning they could claim as an online course in the Courses – Student section potentially. If more informal training videos they could be claimed in Multimedia. The one caveat would be these would have to be slightly outside the normal responsibilities of their job. We already give 10.8 for employment so it’s a little tricky with company sponsored training, just has to be a bit above the normal expectations of their role to qualify.
Thank you! Does the supervisor need to explain beyond expectations?
Trish Borzon‍ What if it was classroom setting that I took that met the 'above normal expectation?'
1. Tableau Desktop 1 Course Completion (16 hours)
2. Tableau Desktop 2 Course Completion (16 hours)

In addition, what if I completed the following certification - CPC (Certified Professional Coder) & recertification of Pharmacy Tech? 
Trish Borzon
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Courses earn 0.1 RU per hour so it would be 1.6 RUs for a 16 hour course unless there were a different specified amount of college credit or CEUs awarded for the course.
Certifications are 1 RU per qualifying certification.

if your certification prep work was a formal or documented course (online or otherwise) it can be counted.  However, Self-study or preparation time outside of a training course does not earn RUs.

Hope this helps

Thank you for the information.

I just submitted my Recertification Journal with one certification to be synchronized (CSQP)..  The turnaround time was less than one day.  That was pretty amazing.  I was a little concerned about this process as there was no ASQ contact listed if further action was necessary (as a contingency).

If there are any problems with recertification, you can always call ASQ HQ at 1-800-248-1976.

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