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Hello everyone,

My name is Emmanuel Raj. This is my first time when it comes to a recert.
I have to complete my RU for my CQE. My recert is due 12/31/2021 and expires 12/31/2022. After receiving my cert. I had decided to attend university to complete my degree in Engineering Physics. By next year my degree will be complete. I was wondering if I could get some clarity on how this can be used for RU. The specification states 1.0 CEU = 1.0 RU, 1 CEU seems to be 10 hours. The courses I have taken so far (in Ontario, CA) are 3unit or 4unit courses. Each unit is worth about an 1hr a week for a term which is about 16 weeks. So a 4 unit course is = 64hrs, so does that mean 6.4RU? I have taken a few 3unit and 4unit courses, do I have to have a specific grade?

Also the requirement states "Copy of official transcript or report card showing semester credit earned, course title, and completion date"
The only online proof I could get is an unofficial transcript that shows semester credit earned, course title, and taken term (can that be considered as a report card) or do I have to mail in a hard copy of the transcript
I have acquired 3.5 units from taking SSGB cert (2units) and 1.5 from Membership and hopefully with the University courses 9unit = 12.5 units

I will still need 5.5 units by next year and was hoping I could get some guidance as to how I can achieve this. Thank-for your time and help.

Kinds regards,
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Emmanuel Rajendran‍ - Welcome to myASQ & thanks for being a member!   I checked with the Cert team 

We specify in the journal that college courses award RUs at a 1:1 credit to RU ratio. A 3 credit course would be 3 RUs and classroom hours do not factor in for courses that award college credit or CEUs.

We would accept an unofficial transcript attached as a screenshot or pdf to the online documentation.
 Good Luck!