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Hi My name is Jodie Corkum. I am a member in good standing and I have a question regarding RUs. I have join toast masters in Oct 2019 and attended meetings up until the COVID-19 pandemic. Are RUs given for  joining and attending toastmasters? I can provide the original receipt at the time I joined. If toastmasters is allowed how is it categorized and how many RUs are allotted for that?

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Jodie Corkum  
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Jodielynn Corkum‍  - I checked with the Cert department.  Meeting attendance RU's would have to be for a meeting that is related to the Cert BoK.  So it wouldn't count.  We don't reciprocate with toast masters. 
Hi Trish, I was not looking to replace ASQ meetings with Toastmasters meetings or attendance. I see that ASQ excepts professional development as RUs and I thought toastmasters would fall withing this category. I joined toastmasters to become a better speaker and presenter. As this is not a current strength of mine if it where I would happily volunteer to present for ASQ.

Could ASQ reconsider toastmasters based on Professional Development category?  
I am currently at 13 RUs and due to recertify in June 2021. I know there is plenty of time, yet within this new COVID -19 world I want to continue to work on getting the remaining RUs. Can you tell me are there webinars that provide RUs in place of meetings?  If so how do I sign up for them? 
If I may, I also straddled ASQ and Toastmasters for a few years.  ASQ recertification credits RUs for public speaking, and ASQ sections and divisions are in demand for capable and knowledgeable presenters.  These ASQ presentations can also be applied toward your Toastmaster progression plans.

The short answer is to pursue ASQ communication opportunities (speaking, writing, reviewing) and the RU points will rapidly accumulate.  If you do a combination of 6 presentations or articles at 1 RU for each, or include a few book reviews at 0.5 RU, you should achieve the required 18 RU points prior to your deadline, and achieve some of your Toastmasters objectives as well.
Duke Okes
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It might depend on what certification(s) you're holding.  For example, given that the CMQ/OE BOK containes leadership and communications, toastmasters would appear to be a fit.
Duke Okes
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Look at the Events listed on the right side of the myASQ page, or click on Events at the top of the page.  You'll find a lot of sections and divisions that are running webinars and meetings virtually, and you can earn RUs for them.  Some are also doing so during the summer months.