Currently: Three (only 3) ASQ HQ Cert Question Bank purchases that offer RUs
Thomas Reed 1339
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This is not a promotion. I am just passing on an observed good value from ASQ for members. There may be clauses I am unfamiliar with..... As a section Education Committee Chair I recently suggested that a local member who was running short on RUs with a re-certification due shortly, should look at Training site; specifically, at the course ID's for the question banks of CQT, CQI, and CQE. Those question bank course ID sites QBCQIASQ, QBCQE2015ASQ, and QBCQTASQ are presently advertising 1.22, 1/27 and 1.52 RUs respectively each priced at $99 (member price.) I don't know why Training site offers RUs on just these three question banks, and zero RUs for a dozen other question banks, but I thought I would share this info here for any/all persons in similar situation. Caution: these are point-in-time QB RU/$ observances March 16 2020 subject to change.
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Trish Borzon 9
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Hi Thomas
You do receive RU's for all Question Banks.  It is determined by the length of hours it takes to complete them.   This varies depending on the type.  Most are 1.2 RUs, but there are a few exceptions:

CQA & CQE – 15.17 hours = 1.5 RUs
CCT – 8.17 hours = .8 RUs
CQIA – 9.17 hours  = .9 RUs
CSSYB – 6.17 hours = .6 RUs

I'm checking to see if the training webpages can be updated.  Thanks for bringing this to our attention!