Internal training
I provide a lot of internal instructor led training on topics from the basic to the advanced (I find training thereaupeutic).

If I understand correctly I can use this for RUs. What would be the best form of evidence to document? Is it as simple as a report from my learning management system?
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You probably have sufficient RU to qualify based on having attended and spoken at multiple ASQ conferences while continuing to work full time.  If you achieved additional ASQ certifications during the previous 3 years, that counts for 2 RU per certification as well.
Amanda Foster
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Jeremiah Genest‍ this is a good question. I, too, provide quality related training at work and could use it for RUs if I knew how.
Duke Okes
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I doubt internal training will quality, since you already collect 18 RUs for working full time in quality, and the training being done internally is part of that.
Amanda Foster
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That's a good point Duke Okes‍. You wouldn't get RUs for attending internal training, therefore, giving the training does not qualify for them either. Seems logical.