Update on the Impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19)
Trish Borzon 9
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Hello everyone, 

We want you to keep safe. I hate to say that we're canceling the World Conference on Quality and Improvement as well as asking that all ASQ meetings, conferences, event be moved to a virtual format where ever possible.  

I always love to see you all and meet new members at WCQI.  But your overall health and welfare is by-far more important!   

Several of our member lead conferences and meetings have been postponed or cancelled.  Please keep an eye on the myASQ Events calendar for the latest news.  We're working on that being the on-stop-shop for the latest news on events in your area.  

Be safe and healthy my friends!  

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Stephen Small 11255
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Many thanks for the update, lets hope with the new initiatives and actions being put in place worldwide we start to see it coming under control.
Trish Borzon 9
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Yes - 
Daniel Rand 607
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I logged into myASQ in hope of finding a topical discussion of dealing with COVID-19, and was disappointed as expected. It is difficult enough to even find a way to open a discussion topic;  this was the only timely mention of Coronavirus that I could find within ASQ.org . So if anyone has a way to reroute my opening of this topic, perhaps to somewhere like the Lean Enterprise Division, please help me out. This is how I would like to open a topic:
*** Have Lean principles interfered with our healthcare system’s ability to stockpile supplies such as N95 masks (Personal Protection Equipment, PPE) for crises like this? How can we advise, help, or at least offer ideas?

Dan Rand
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Trish Borzon‍ can you help Dan create a discussion on the topic he posted at the bottom in relationship to lean?
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Hi Dan 
That is a Great discussion topic - Click on "New Topic' at the top of the board to add it.  Let me know if you have any questions or I can post it for you. 
thanks for contributing!