World Quality Week

The theme of World Quality Week

This year’s theme of World Quality Week was Sustainability: improving our products, people, and the planet. The focus was the quality's role in sustainability and its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact. I feel this theme was very appropriate and relevant as it is well connected with the current hot topic and major global problem of climate change.

We know when carrying out operations the major focus is to control all processes to ensure that the final output meets the expected requirements. In doing so quality plays a vital role as the quality assurance of processes ensures that processes are under controlled conditions without paving the way to create wastages. For example, in a manufacturing firm, our aim should be to reduce the generation of different types of wastes such as defective products, overproduction, etc. Once these types of wastes are generated those have to be disposed of and that has an environmental impact as well as the waste of valuable resources which is connected with sustainability. Therefore, we can see that quality improvement of products is very much connected with the theme.

Moreover, to ensure that we do have control processes we need the services of quality people or employees otherwise employees create wastes and therefore we should assign competent, dedicated, and committed employees to run our operations and it is the prime responsibility of the top management to develop such type of workforce that in return not only cut down wastes but also ensure that the organization contributes for sustainability paving the path for a greener planet. If we look at the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System it addressed people area under clause 7 of the standard.

Therefore, I believe the organizations should consider the World Quality week theme positively and convert it to a practical application within the organization which in turn provides immense benefits to any organization.