Webinar: World Quality Month 2020 Celebration with Service Quality Division of ASQ

World Quality Month is celebrated in November around the world. American Society for Quality and other international Quality organizations publish guidelines proposing themes and ideas to arrange and manage events during this month for the industry and organizations.

This is an opportunity for everyone including the Individual Professionals, Organizations, Communities and Societies to refresh and revive their commitment to Quality and Excellence.

One of the great traditions is to commemorate the contribution of Global Quality Gurus who inspired the world through their Quality Philosophies and created numerous success stories by applying the same in the workplace. These have eventually emerged as universal foundations of Quality Principles, Practices, Systems and Frameworks.

This year, Service Quality Division has taken the lead to share the contribution of some of the Quality Gurus with the members of American Society for Quality and quality professionals from around the world through a series of webinars. The presenter, Zubair Anwar shares the notable contributions from Global Quality Gurus.

Zubair Anwar is a renowned International Quality Expert and Master Trainer associated with international organizations such as American Society for Quality, IEEE and Technische University of Munich, Germany. He is Thought Leader at BIETS Centre of Excellence Global and possesses rich experience in helping the organizations and professionals to achieve and sustain excellence in several domains. He is an ASQ's Certified Manager of Quality & Organizational Excellence and Certified Six Sigma Black Belt & Green Belt. As Service Quality Body of Knowledge Chair and through other global initiatives, he participates in standardization and transformation programs. He has been recently featured consecutively by American Society for Quality on their website (
https://my.asq.org/news/21/1103 ) as well as in Worlds' largest and ASQ's flagship magazine Quality Progress in September 2020 edition. He is also Member of Award Board at ASQ and Technical Reviewer for World Conference on Quality & Improvement. He has worked as co-author and research scholar in many ASQ publications. He also contributed to 7th Edition of Juran’s Quality Handbook.

The webinar series consists of two parts. The first part covers the significant achievements of Quality Gurus from the United States, while the second part covers the main contributions of Quality Gurus from Japan.

You may download and watch it on ASQ URL: https://my.asq.org/communities/reviews/item/137/12/1971

This webinar series is also available on YouTube to watch online:
Part 1 - https://youtu.be/lxg87xwT2mY
Part 2 - https://youtu.be/tYHMMaOIoHo

Thanks and regards,
Zubair Anwar