Celebrating World Quality Month 2019, at INFORMATION SOCIETY S.A. (KtP A.E.)
INFORMATION SOCIETY S.A. is a leading non-profit government agency and one of the largest European Union co-funded beneficiaries in Greece, for nearly two decades now. The company’s core business is the project management of large and medium scale ICT (Information & Communications Technology) projects, mainly for the entire span of government / public Greek authorities. Despite the company’s longstanding and profound dedication to Quality and Administrative Proficiency, this year, we decided to celebrate the World Quality Month by going back to the basics, and highlighting the diverse and free, but highly added-value and resource effective benefits of knowing and using the simplest key Quality Tools, at work and at home. So, on Nov. 22d, the KtP A.E.’s Quality Manager organized and delivered a fully interactive and experiential Workshop, for all personnel to attend, entitled: “Basic & Simple Quality Tools for productivity and effectiveness at work and at home.”
The Workshop was an absolute success for all. The participants found it totally useful for both their work and personal lives, since as they unanimously stated, it gave them clear and practical directions and skills on how to do things and manage situations. Upon the Workshop’s completion, so much so were they enthusiastic about it, that those who participated asked for more tools and those who couldn’t attend (hail the workplace gossip, …), are already asking for a repeat Workshop.
All in all, this humble contribution to “Making Quality Great Again” (the European Organization for Quality – EOQ, 2019 European Quality Week motto) is one more celebration for Quality in every aspect of our lives.