How are you celebrating World Quality Month in the office?
Madeline Parshall 9167
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Happy Tuesday! 5 days into World Quality Month, and it's so great to see people participating on social media and sharing the results of their "guru" quiz, and why quality is so important to them! I wanted to see how people are planning to bring attention to World Quality Month in their workplace. Are you hanging up posters? Including a banner in your company newsletter? Share below! If you need some ideas, I've attached our Celebration Guide from the WQM landing page.
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Trish Borzon 9
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We had a coffee social!!!  
Stephen Small 11255
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We were very fortunate in having full support from corporate management and over 32,000 employees celebrated worldwide, and excellent effort and full participation from senior managers made it a success.( I realise it´s a theme from last year but as a new member i felt the need to comment)