A walk down the Quality memory lane
A few weeks ago while visiting the Berkshires, in the small town of Pittsfield Massachusetts, I noticed a Museum carrying a very familiar name - Feigenbaum. Could it be I wondered? And indeed it was - The Feigenbaum Brothers Foundation donated for the reconstruction of the Berkshire Museum and helped curate “The Hall of innovation“ section.
Armand and Donald Feigenbaum are the two American quality gurus, very famous for the 50 and 60 years of the last century. Their General Systems Company was the leader in the development of a quality program at the USA, along with Juran, Deming and Crosby.
It had a great pleasure visiting the museum and enjoyed reading about their contribution to their hometown and the region. Since in my career I had the opportunity to meet Juran, Deming and Crosby, a visit to the Fegenbaum Museum made me feel that I met and talked with them about TQC too.
I recommend a visit to this museum.
I return to Serbia with the wish that all members of the ASQ worthy of celebrating World Quality Day. We have been doing this in Serbia since 1992 and it is always the biggest public event. I will be participating with a paper on Quality 4.0 as a basis for further development of the quality improvement program.


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I to have had the pleasure of meeting Juran and Feigenbaum in the past and well as Crosby. It was a moment.  I like the Quality past because it was structured with many standards to support it.  The Quality 4.0 will be a challenge dealing with personalities, technology and changes.
Thank you for the walk down memory lane.
Gloria thanks, Deming and Crosby have a great infuences on me and my work.