November is World Quality Month!
Join the global quality community to celebrate World Quality Month!  World Quality Month (WQM) is a worldwide celebration of quality. It’s a time to showcase the advancement and valuable contributions quality professionals make in businesses, communities, and institutions. This month allows us to shine a light on the industry and the individuals striving to provide excellence through quality.  

ASQ hopes you celebrate World Quality Month with your colleagues and share with your organization and the quality community the great work you have accomplished.  

There is no one right way to celebrate World Quality Month. In fact, the only wrong way to celebrate World Quality Month is to fail to celebrate at all. Check back with this discussion board as our World Quality celebration kicks off with a website, quizzes, and downloadable content. 
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One month is hardly enough time to celebrate. I celebrate it all year long!

Kidding aside, Let's take this month to 'shine that light'
I did share with my coworker about ASQ! I will keep doing this in future.
I have shared this with my Boss and my bosses boss, have to keep it in the family. 

Nancy McClanahan, MBA, MSIT, DHA, ISTQB, COBIT & ITILv3
"Check back with this discussion board as our World Quality celebration kicks off with a website, quizzes, and downloadable content." 

How soon are these coming up? I am looking forward to see the website, quizzes and others. The resources will stir up our thinking ahead of time.
Hi Ibikunle! 
Our World Quality Month web page with all of the World Quality Month content will be live on November 1st! 
Can these materials be posted now? I'm working on kickoff announcements and trivia contests for next week. I could use some reference material before the start. 
Hi Nancy! I'm really excited to say that our World Quality Month web page is officially live! This web page hosts all of our information and downloadable materials for World Quality Month.
It won't be officially rolled out until Friday, so enjoy the head start ;)
The Minnesota Section authored a statewide WQM proclamation that was then signed by the Governor (2011 & 2012). We also invited Senator Amy Klobuchar to speak at our Annual Quality Conference. She was not able to attend but did send a recorded personalized video message attesting to the importance and impact of quality and innovation to our state's competitive economy.

Several large employers hosted World Quality Day or Week events including poster sessions to share best practices and key learnings.
My greatest concern is "Quality Trivia" and "factoids" the choice of those two terms have eroded the value the information might have created. Why Trivia? Why factoids? Am I misunderstanding something? Pareto principle is a trivia?
Thanks for the discussion.   I am going to add this information to our section newsletter.