ASQ Master Black Belt Certification

Hello ASQ Community,

I am already trained and certified as a Master Black Belt, but am considering going for the ASQ MBB certification. I am weighing not only the monetary cost, but also the the time and effort required. I value the ASQ certification because it is independent from the training and recognized world wide.

I'm looking for any insight or experience anyone may have on the time and effort required for the ASQ MBB certification and how it may have benefitted you to obtain it.


Annie Dodson

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@Angelene Dodson Hi Angelene, in order to get your ASQ MBB you have to also do the BB through them. I believe the cost was around $5k between books, tests, and extras such as the online videos and presentations (highly recommend). I started studying in Jan for a March test date for BB and then turned right around working on my portfolio for an April or May submission. I tested MBB in July. So 6 month’s investment studying heavily during that time. For me it was a good option. Experience I think though is what the employers are looking for. Seems like a lot of job seekers have book knowledge but no experience. Just my thoughts.

Thanks @Margaret Barding. I appreciate your insight.