Preparation for CSSGB Exam

Hi ASQ Community! I am a new member and currently preparing for CSSGB Exam. Any tips? Thank you and looking forward to connecting with you.


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Trish Borzon
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@Shayne Bernadette Perez - Welcome to myASQ!

We've had several discussion on this topic. Here are a few you might find useful

Hope this helps and Good Luck!


@Trish Borzon thanks Trish! Appreciate it.

@Shayne Bernadette Perez Also, Quality Press will release an updated edition of the ASQ Certified SSGB Handbook, Third Edition soon! The newer edition is aligned with the 2022 SSGB BoK in preparation for the exam.
We anticipate the printer shipping it to the warehouse by end of September. Watch for it on the Quality Press Bookstore website.

@Shayne Bernadette Perez I published an article few years ago in QP to guide exam takers. I believe many of those guidance are still relevant. If interested, you may explore this Test Run publication. Also note that we have a CSSGB Handbook users group in the LinkedIn. You can engage with other exam takers and handbook users. Regards.

Thank you @Govindarajan Ramu
Can you recommend some materials for the topics Additional Analysis Methods, Implementation Planning at Sustain Improvements? These are the new topics for SSGB Certification.