Remote (Online) Certification Exams

ASQ recently added an option to take most certification exams o line at home/work rather than going to a testing center. I would like to get feedback from anyone who has used this method and particularly those who have also taken an exam at a testing center. How was the experience with the additional security measures? Would you do it again remotely for another certification?

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@Peter Stamps
Hi Peter,

I have done both, and would do either again. The disadvantage to the test location option is the drive and carrying your reference materials, but the remote option has some challenges. For the remote option, they will provide very detailed instructions for setting up your test location (quiet room, door closed, no visitors, nothing visible/readable on walls, etc.) and give you a link to test your ability to connect. If you leave either test option for a break or drink, you have to get checked back in before restarting.

As long as you have a reliable computer and internet connection, you should be fine for remote testing. I suggest you also check that your camera is able to focus on close-up images. They need to match the name on your drivers license (or other ID) to your test registration name. This gave me some trouble.

If a test center was close by, I would chose that over remote simply because of the work/worry that goes into making sure that everything is setup correctly at home. I do not have one close to me and was glad to have the remote option.


Good feedback! Thank you!

I have done both and would do either again. I find it more convenient at home, but you have to learn how to set up your Room/Office and definitely have a small web Cam. I had to pick up my screen once to show the rest of my room, as there was a camera on the monitor.. LOL. For myself, I would probably continue taking tests at home. Better on my nerves and I know how to set up.

Good Luck to you,


The first certification exam I took, at home was not an option. The second exam, remote testing was an option, but I was too nervous about my local internet service dropping or my crazy neighbor mowing the lawn (I had some issues with working from home 0.o ) to commit.

If you have a good, reliable work-from-home set up, I would think that would be preferable because you would be a little less stressed being in your own environment and can probably spread out your resources better. You can also control your thermostat at home, which could be a bigger factor than you think! I had to ask for a fan and the lady hunting one down & bringing it into the room became a distraction to others in addition to being an inconvenience to me.

Finally, consider how far it is to a test center. I lived in a more rural area when I took my first exam, so I had to get up extra early to drive the extra hour to the test center and the offered dates weren't necessarily plentiful or convenient. I lived in a more urban area at the time of my second exam, so driving 10 minutes to the test center was no big deal and I had many more testing dates to choose from (didn't help with start time, though).