I just passed my MBB exam, and I am willing to answer any questions related with the exam

Hi, everyone, my name is Zhenpeng Liu, I am currently a Sr. Quality Manager. and I just passed my MBB exam and get the certification. I know I had a lot of questions while I prepare the exam and I know how frustrated I was during the prepare. So I would like to help anyone who is preparing the exam or willing to become a MBB. please post your questions below and I will do my best to reply your questions whenever I get time.

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Trish Borzon
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@Zhenpeng Liu
Congratulations!!! I'll keep you in mind if I see questions from those seeking MBB Certification.

Thank you


Vera Mulbah
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@Zhenpeng Liu Congratulations

@Vera Mulbah
Thank you Vera

@Zhenpeng Liu Congratulations, I know when I prepared for the CSQP how stressed I was, but so thankful for the accomplishment.

@Trish Borzon Thank you Trish

Hello Zhenpeng, I am on the way for preparing portfolio and documents to submit MBB. I am really appreciate if you can share me a little bit about experience for that! Thanks!

@Zhenpeng Liu
Hi Zhenpeng,

Congratulations. It is a very big accomplishment. Could you list please, what materials have you used for studying, beside experience. Thank you

@Vasile Ghindea
That's a very good question. Actually, there are not too much materials there for prepare this exam since this is such a high level test.

But I do reviewed the Primer as well as the handbook for black belt before the test. I think they will help me a little bit for the CMBB exam.

Another suggestion for material is: whenever you come across anything you may not fully understand or you want to extend your knowledge, check the internet for a topic study will help a lot. since the handbook only listed a little bit of everything. and some of the concepts are not only listed in the CMBB exam but also in Finance or program management.

For example, when I study the Finance section. I search for a video in Youtube and read some other related books to better understand the concepts. I think that helps me a looooot !

Hope this will help you and let me know if you have any other questions

@Nguyen Ngoc Tuan
One of tips I can help is: please document everything with a clear title, which section it belongs to and how many points you want to claim. And also, When I submit you documents for review, for some of the sections, I provide more than needed just in case some of them are not qualified to claim for points.

For example, when I provide my certifications for review. I post almost every certifications I have in the file, just in case some of them is not qualified.

Hope this can help you

@Zhenpeng Liu Hi, I currently have CQE and looking to get the BB or MBB. What advise can you provide . We can connect on LinkedIn if you are ok with that?