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I am currently a certified ASQ Black Belt. I am looking at a master black belt training course provided through Villanova University. I would like to get some insight on who provides the best Master Black Belt training. I am hoping the training provided would prepare you adequately for the MBB certification. Anybody have suggestions? Thanks!

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Duke Okes
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@Julia Spankowski Here's another organization I did some courses with.

The challenge here is defining what one would consider "the best". Students often look at different parameters - most economical, quickest, name recognition, etc. Often, if someone does a course, either they enjoyed it (which may make it the "best"), fit into their time frame, or augmented well with their previous training. Possibly if the instructor has worked in your industry and the examples apply directly, one might consider that to be more fruitful than talking about widgets.

It can be a similar argument as to which university has the best MBA program. Is it Harvard at twice the price thus it is better? Is it online so I do not have to show up to campus? Is it the percentage of job placements afterwards? Is it the selectivity of candidates? (Although I saw that in the 60s and 70s, airlines had a lower acceptance rate for stewardesses than Yale did for students.)

Hopefully your post will get responses from people who actually took the program, and after a few years upon reflection, believe they got a good value for their time and effort.

I was MBB trained by AIT Business Solutions out of Chandler, AZ. Mike Bonnice was my trainer. The training was top-notch and very challenging. You had to be totally committed to make it through the class. At that time, Lean was not yet married into Six Sigma. But I do know that AIT did pick up the Lean methodology and does provide training on that as well.

@Julia Spankowski
I was responsible for developing and deploying the Master Black Belt program at Ford Motor Company as well as the ASQ CMBB. It was our policy at Ford to not give credit to BB nor MBB certification from other companies nor universities since there is so much variation between programs.

One thing to keep in mind is that when someone pays a large amount of money for training/certification, there is an expectation of 100% pass rate. Many of these programs would lower the bar to satisy their customers which weakens the certification.

I agree with Steve's comments and suggest you speak with alumni of the programs that are of interest to you. The MBB role is to teach, coach and solve problems. You may have a stronger interest in one of these areas.

All the best!

@Julia Spankowski I am biased, but here's an option that would serve you well: