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Hello All,

I started preparing for the ASQ CQA exam and I need your expert guidance on better attempting the exam. I purchased the CQA Handbook 5th edition and once I am done with it, I also have plans to purchase ASQ practice exams. Will these be sufficient to clear the exam?

Any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated. Hope this post clarify most of the CQA aspirants queries.

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Ravi

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Janet Lentz
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It depends on how much auditing experience you have. If you’re new to auditing, you might want to talk to someone who has taken the exam to get a better idea of how to prepare.

Thank you for your response Janet.

I have found the Quality Council of Indiana to be one of the tools to have when preparing for ANY examination.

Also, find yourself a group planning on taking the CQA and create a study group. I used to lead groups in our section when people were interested. We had great success as many passed the exams on first trial. It is as much preparation but also motivation what counts. Being in a group provided that motivation and support (and challenge) to pass the exam.

Good luck to you.

I am studying for the exam as well. I brought some material to review and study. Let me know if you want to study together.


I took the CQA exam in 2011, and at that time, I found the CQA Primer and the ASQ Certification Prep course to be most helpful. I wrote an article in 2016 about certification prep:


…and would be happy to share the documents I used in preparing. Just send me an email at kristy.kistner@icloud.com.

Alison Ho
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Hi Ravi - I took the exam and passed in February. I purchased the Handbook you mentioned and the question bank and I had a copy of the 19011 standard and that is all I used for studying. I made sure I highlighted key points and used sticky notes in the handbook to tag pages I wanted to access during the exam. Good luck, you will do great!