Hi All, question regarding to CSSBB, which one is right? If C, Why? thank you in advance
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I would have selected the choice D. (Waste Elimination)

Duke Okes
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Not a very good question. Lean production according to who (e.g., which guru)? And are we talking about Japanese or US version? I would agree that D is a better answer since the 7 wastes are often the core focus.

D would be the correct response

It depends - flexible manufacturing requires waste elimination - especially if you are describing an Industrial Engineering approach. This engages streamlined flows, buffer management, pull systems, and waste reduction. The question is really poor and should be thrown out of the question bank!

I agree. Lean Manufacturing is an effort to eliminate the eight wastes: waste of rework/repair, waste of inventory, waste of delays, wastes of conveyance, waste of overproduction, waste of motion, waste of extra processing and waste of talent.

I would answer D as elimination of wastes is the activity that precedes faster & flexible production and could help achieve better quality!