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Rong Li
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Hello Community,

I'm 10+ years experience six sigma black belt, now I am preparing my MBB certification in ASQ. I just passed portfolio review, could you share your experience on how to prepare the test? Both for the performance based section and multi choice question.

Many thanks.

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Rong Li
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You can contact me via mail: Many thanks.

Trish Borzon
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Hi @Rong Li

Here's a great post from some time ago about preparing for the exam

@Grace Duffy - can you give any tips since you've been through it

@Karevaradharaj Doraiswamy Selvaraj - tagging you to follow this conversation.

Best of Luck!


Thanks for adding me to the chat conversation, @Trish Borzon.

Hi @Rong Li : I am also looking to pursue my MBB and wanted to see if you want to connect. Would love to understand more about why you’ve decided to pursue MBB and see if we can collaborate on this certification process. I have also sent you an email along with my linkedin profile to connect.



Grace Duffy
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Thanks for the shout out, Trish. My MBB is through the Harrington Institute, since I achieved that level way before ASQ started to offer that certification. When I prepare for an ASQ cert exam, I download the official Body of Knowledge from the cert section for that exam on It has information on the general knowledge expected for each category of the BoK. It also gives the depth of knowledge to be tested; understand, apply, analyze, etc. I go through each category to assess how confident I am that I can answer questions on that content. When I feel I need to refresh an area, I look at the list of references that are on that certification webpage in to see what books the item writers used to write the questions and identify the correct answers. I use those references to study for the exam. There is probably a sample exam available for purchase and download for the exam on the certification page on, also.

Rong Li
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@Grace, thanks for your sharing.

I am reading through the ASQ MBB handbook now, I saw there are some questions in the back which helps to refresh knowledge from book. Is there any resource for questions to practice? As I know the exam question is more practical.

Do you have performance- based sections(subjective questions) in your exam? If yes, do you have any suggestion to prepare for this part?

Grace Duffy
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I do not have an MBB practice exam myself. The only one I can think of would be if ASQ has a sample exam you can purchase off the ASQ website.

I was in the first group of MBB's certified in 2010 through ASQ (cert #17). The multiple-choice was a mini-BB test and no easier or harder than those type questions. The performance-based section required you to think in terms of the firm for LSS deployment, so brush up on your QFD/X-Matrix principles. Best of luck!

The Official CSSC Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification has both an exam and project requirement. slope game