CQT Question Bank - Disappointed

I just finished a CQT practice exam in the question bank module.

Once finished it appears I am able to only review each question individually. Is there no dashboard to present data on sections of the BoK that I am strong or weak in?

There is not much utility to the question bank if I don't receive feedback for each section within the CQT BoK.

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Hello, Steven! And congratulations on your work at self-improvement. I took my certification tests in the age of dinosaurs when we used paper and pencil, so my response reflects that perspective.

The test questions provide vital information. “What's the test going to be like?” is most people's first thought when preparing for certification. Being able to practice answering questions that look very much like the real thing will make taking the real test easier. The next bit of usefulness is to be able to simulate the test experience. How fast can you get through 100 questions? Do you need a snack to keep you going? Can you spare the time for using the restroom? Do you have facility in using your calculator? What reference books should you take with you? Should you index or tab your reference books so as to easily find helpful information? How many questions require you to rely on your reference books? If you don't know the answers without over-reliance on your reference books, you're not ready for the test.

You can score your practice test questions and figure out for yourself where you are weak. If you get half the Inspection and Test questions wrong, you are probably not ready for the test. And if you cannot figure out where questions fall within the BoK, you are not ready for the test. You reviewing your wrong answers yourself is the best way to increase your knowledge. You can more effectively address weakness through knowing exactly which questions you missed. Knowing your score for a specific section will not provide the granular information you need to increase your knowledge and your ability to apply that knowledge.

One last point, that I will try to put to you gently: you should be able to demonstrate the self-reliance expected in the workplace by being able to figure out where you were deficient and the steps you need to take to gain proficiency.

Keep studying and good luck on the test! It's a wonderful feeling to get your certificate. I hope you continue to improve yourself professionally by studying for and taking other certification exams. The more knowledge you have, the more value you can provide to your employer. The more certs you acquire, the more you set yourself apart from your co-workers. Please forgive my long answer.

Cindy Aylen; Quality Engineer; ASQ CMQ/OE, CQE, CQA

was she being helpful or snied?

Meta Brown
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I'm sure the post was intended to be helpful. That said, I feel that the original poster's concerns are reasonable, and still have not been addressed.

Certified individuals pay membership fees, exam fees and (later) recertification fees. If they are asked to pay yet more for sample questions, it's reasonable to expect more information than just the questions.

I've worked on ASQ exam development teams in the past. Unless there has been a shocking change since then, each question is tied to specific elements of the body of knowledge. The questions are prepared by certified individuals. What's more, each of the answers presented also has an individual justification - a reason why someone might arrive at each alternative - correct or incorrect. And both the items and whole tests are assessed using appropriate statistics.

We ought to ask how items in the test bank are prepared and selected for use. Are these also prepared by certified individuals? How are the items reviewed? Are they justified in the same way as real exam questions and if so, why not share some of that information to provide study guidance?

I have to agree that - given the fees and various charges that members pay - it is not unreasonable at all to expect clearer communication on your particular areas of weakness. Interesting that they bring up “in a professional setting” and what the expectations are. If I am completely honest, I do not go through my day using quality tools and noting, “Oh, this is the so-and-so part of the body of knowledge.” If I need (or care) to know in a professional setting, I look it up. While I am not at all opposed to ASQ producing exams to help us develop into well-rounded quality professionals, to suggest that we spend our days speaking in the specific vernacular of the BoK at our employer is a bit more than unrealistic. I am a huge fan of ASQ and what it brings to the table. I am also pragmatic in that many are not members, do not speak the jargon, and need to have us communicate with them in a manner that meets them where they are. I guess this is just my long-winded way of saying, “ASQ is terrific, but we needn't get too big for our britches.”

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Hi @Steven Carpenter - Thanks for posting this. I'm checking with my team. It's honestly been a while since I've reviewed the capabilities of the questions banks. I'll be back in touch.