CQE Prerequisites

Hi all-

A coworker and I (both Quality Engineers) are interested in taking the CQE exam next year. I had some questions about the prerequisites listed on the site:

  • Regarding degrees counting toward your experience years, does your degree need to be in Quality Engineering to be counted? Or in a STEM field? Or any field at all? My coworker has a bachelors in Electrical Engineering. My background is less traditional, with a bachelors in Philosophy and a tech degree in Fabrication Manufacturing.
  • Regarding work experience, I have 6 years in quality assurance and engineering roles. I also have 2 years as an advanced repair technician working on a Class III medical device in a highly-regulated environment. Would the 2 years count towards my experience, or just the 6 in a quality-related role?
  • Similar question: My coworker, before moving over to EE/quality, was a medical lab technician in a lab where he managed lab equipment calibration/PM and other quality-related tasks. Would this count toward the requirement for him?

Thank you.

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Trish Borzon
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Hi @Etan Heller

The short answer is yes, they would all work

Your degree does not have to be quality or a stem field.

Your work experience would all be counted, same as your co-worker.

Good Luck!!


Thank you. I talked to someone from ASQ on the phone who gave me the same answer.

Appreciate the reply.