The Certified Quality Engineer Handbook INTL edition

Has anyone purchased an international version of The CQE handbook? If so, does it include the same information as the U.S. version?

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I purchased the international version recently to use as a reference for the CQE exam. I can't say if it is exactly the same, but it was helpful in passing the test.

That works for me, thank you!

Trish Borzon
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Hi @Melissa Minyon - We don't publish an international version….so I can't say if the book you purchased is the same

The Certified Quality Engineer Handbook INTL edition - I have the following "version": ISBN 978-0-87389-944-4. On the rear cover there is information indicating that the edition was printed in the U.S. However, when I removed the “auxiliary” UPC there is a note indicating “For Sale In India”.. Maybe this is what is meant by “international Edition”?

I found this edition to be quite acceptable with only a couple of pictures in the section on GD&T to be somewhat indistinct. Hope this helps